Results from Round #2

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Hello Everyone!!!!! I know that I promised I would let you guys know yesterday how things went. I was out of it most of the day. When they said they were going to knock meout they were right. When I got home around 3:oopm I went to sleep and sleep most of the night. It has been the most I have slept in over 1 1/2 years.

Well, I made it through the test I am not going to say it was easy as it was next to the hardest thing I had to do mentally. They found 6 polps. They removed them all and they are being biopsied. The surgeon said that 4 looked beniged adn the other 2 looked different. So we shall see. I am very glad that this round is over to a point. I just have to wait somemore for the full results. They are still looking into what the cause of the pain in my side is. But all in all I feel better mentally.

I have a date for the Biopsy on my left breast is on April 12th. So things are still moving along.

The prep wasn't the greatest, but at least I was able to keep it down. I'm glad I kept the baby wipe that I had for Bob as they helped my bottom but the time I was done. Now I just have to get my system working again. I wasn't able to go this morning. Is that normal?

On a lighter note -

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my special friend -- JUDY !!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!!!! I am so glad that you had a super party!!!!!!! It is really GREAT to get your mindoff of things and enjoy a day with family and friends!!!!!

Kanga send away!!!! I am looking forward to receiving your email!!! I hope that this time I get it!!!!

THANK YOU everyone for being there for me!!!!!!

Love and Best Wishes and prayers to all of you!!!!

Love Always!!!!



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    Hiya Sue. We are thinking of you and do wish you all the best. It does take a little time for the bowel to work again properly--be patient. Sometimes the prep. leaves some irritation as does the things they do to you. Glad we don't see it is all I can say.
    So you see--it is all pretty normal Sue..give it time.
    I am sending the email over right away. It is 1.76 megabites and may take some time to load so be patient---it will be worth it!!!
    And being the "macho" guy that I am....he!he!..I am going to tell you here Sue for all to see that I really did cry when it was sent to me. Jen asked me why I was so upset and I told her to look at the screen which was playing the collage of scenery and Celine Dion's music. Hey sweetie--Jen had a tear in her eye too. While watching it I was thinking about our dear friends, your Bob and Kris S(who sadly passed away also).
    Enjoy the email Sue. We send to you with all our love.
    Kanga n Jen
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    Thanks for the update. You've been on my mind. I'm glad things are moving along for you. Everything happens in it's own time. Sending positive thoughts your way.