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Hi all - I have been reading the message board since May but this is the first time writing. My husband was diagnoised with stage IV colon cancer in May 2004. He has treated with F5u, oxiplatin, leukavorin (pardon my spelling) for 8 months and with Avastin for the past 7 months. We just found out this past week that the drugs are not doing their job any more, the mets to the liver are starting to grow. They are switching him to erbitux & cpt11 starting tomorrow. Has anyone been on these drugs and if so how did you do on them. My husband is 48 was doing good for a while, hoping this new go round will work. Also I liked to say that this board has been a great source of support and info even thou I never posted before.



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    hello there. sorry your husband and you are going through so much. i am 35 and have mets to lungs. same thing happened to me on the drugs your husband was on too. usually when they switch you to erbitux they test the original tumor to see how it reacts to the drug. it did not do the job for me either but that does not mean that it wont for your husband. everyone reacts differntly to drugs. like some tylenol does not work for a headache but something else will. the affects r usually a rash, which is much like acne, that can get on the face and chest and scalp and believe it or not that is a good thing. my onc told me that 9 of 11 people who got the rash responded very well to the treatment. the cpt 11 can cause acid reflux during treatment but they should have all the drugs to counter everything he may experience. hope all goes well for you. unfortunatly its a wait and see game most of the time. take care and God bless.

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    I have been on the same drugs as your husband. Now I am on erbitux and cpt-11 for 7 weeks. I do get tired and I get nauseous and have diarrhea from the cpt-11. But my meds(Zofran and Immodium-AD) usually take care of these last 2 problems. I have lost weight though and have trouble putting weight back on. Before each treatment of erbitux I have to take benadryl which makes me sleepy so I have someone drive me home from treatment. I have lost my hair from the cpt-11 too. But all in all the treatment is manageable. My tumor markers have come down since the beginning of treatment although I have not had a CT scan yet to see what else is going on. If I can be of any help, please let me know.