Happy Easter!

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Good Day & to all my Semi-colons and all, I wish you a Happy Easter and remember why we have it. Jesus has risen! And in that note to all of us in a group that needs special hope, it is there! We all will be blessed and learn from others, since this is what this forum is about.
I love the unity I have been involved with here and I respect the knowledge I have been given. To all I wish a HAppy Easter and thank you for leting me be a part of this wonderful group! I enjoy reading/sharing and listening to everyones words, stories & acomplishments. It Makes my journey thru this so called cancer life much better. I Thank you for everything, you all are soooo awesome! Enjoy the day, Happy Spring, Happy Easter
Love Amy


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    Well said Amy! Happy Spring, Happy Easter to you!
  • StacyGleaso
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    Happy Easter to you too Amy! With spring comes new hope for those who need it, and a brand new opportunity to make the most of every single day. It's hard to be cheery with weather that keeps reminding us that winter may not be over!

    Have a great day!