Concerns about nutritional value from feeding tube products?

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While they may work well for most people, the Novartis products that were prescribed for me I found wanting. I have seen on other forums that many have concerns about the nutritional value of these canned feeds. For me they were almost toxic. I felt sick from them. They were my only source of nourishment so I had to find an alternative. I couldn't tolerate enough to give me the calories to keep from losing weight. Luckily my naturopath came up with a recipe made from real food that really worked. . . . a recipe that goes through the tube. You have to make it yourself with a juicer and a blender. It's a lot of work to prepare but it is amazing how much better I feel after switching. I am not posting the recipe here because I don't want people to think I'm selling anything. I'm not. Just know there is an alternative that is made up of fruits, vegetables, tofu, nut butter, oils and about 20 items in total that when sieved will run through the tube.

I am just over one month past four weeks of twice daily radiaition treaments for stage three throat cancer. Didn't get the extreme sore throat but was glad to have the feeding tube as any food by mouth is impossible to eat. To me almost everything tastes like cardboard liberally seasoned with chalk. The only thing I can get down without the 'yuck' factor are shakes and smoothies. I sailed through the treatments but for three weeks afterwards I went from riding my bike to the hospital every day to hardly being able to get off the couch. With the canned stuff I couldn't tolerate enough to provide the calories needed to sustain my weight. I've lost 30 pounds. Since swithing to the real food formula things have turned around and I am feeling much better. Yesterday I started an exercise program and am planning to be back at work in a month or so. I'm not saying my improvemnet is totally related to the food I am taking. The natural process of healing is also at work. But taking control of my situation has stabilized my weight and improved my mental and physical outlook.

I'd be interested to know if others have had similar experiences. I searched the web and found it almost impossible to locate an alternative to the cans of 'chemicals' the pharmaceutical companies offer for the feeding tube.


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    Hey pinedog

    I'd be really interested in what you're using in your tube. While I tolerate the Novartis product just fine, I'm more inclined to want to use something more "natural". I have a juicer and in fact have been using carrots, apples and parsley in my tube once a day to boost the anti-oxidants in my system, but I'd like more. (Don't worry, I'm not going to feel like you're "selling" me something!)
    Just curious.

    All Good Prayers & Blessings!