Does mom have lung cancer??

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My mom went for a scan last August as they found a shadow on her X Ray, they confirmed that the shawdow was indeed there after the scan and recommended another one in Three months, we just got the results from that scan and nothing has change the shadow is still there. Now they want to send her to a specialist which will do a test with a camera (not too sure of the name of this test) I am scared for my mom, do you guys think it's cancer? Wouln't they have found something in the scan if there was cancer? I am just so scared for her. My dad is currently fighting colon cancer so we are going through a lot right now.

I would appreciate your honnest opinion, even if you do suspect it's cancer I would rather someone be upfront with me, I would rather know now not then.

Thank you from the bottem of my heart for answering to this email.



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    Hello Julie...I just read your message...I am new here so please bear with me...we found my MIL's lung cancer by chance in a chest x-ray because she had pulled some muscles and the dr decided to order an x-ray... The dr was suspcious and wanted her to go to a pulmonoligist, but I insisted that she go to a nationally recognized Cancer Center that is minutes from her home...turns out that her black spot on her lung was indeed cancer. Because I pushed the the issue for her to go right to the cancer center, we have had her 2 + years longer than we should have...Personally if your mother hasn't had any flu/pneumonia symptoms during the time of the X-ray I would think it was cancer. Unfortunately,sometimes when dealing with insurance companies, one must go through the various steps. I hope and pray that your mother doesn't have cancer. Good luck and bestwishes.

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    Hi Julie,
    First - I have known many people who have had "spots" on their lungs that turned out to be nothing, and went away on their own. No growth over time is relatively good news. Cancer doesn't just sit there. It grows. I know that it's hard to wait for test results, but be patient and pray for the best. I had nsclc stage 4 in my right lung. I had very few symptoms. (see my personal web page "Grateful Survivor") I had an initial chest x-ray, which showed a suspicious mass. Then I had a cat scan, which showed the mass in greater detail, and pretty much confirmed cancer. I then had a bronchoscopy (probably what the test with the camera is about). During the bronchoscopy, the doctor took a photograph of the tumor, and also a biopsy. The photograph and the biopsy were important in order to diagnose the type of cancer that we were dealing with. The bronchoscopy is uncomfortable, but not painful. It involves putting a small tube up the nose and down into the lung. ( although you didn't specify, I assume you are talking about a lung problem). It is a necessary test, because it identifies the type of cancer, as well as size, which makes treatment more specific.
    I was diagnosed as inoperable/incurable, and here I am, 3 1/2 years later, with no sign of cancer. Don't panic, and try to be positive. There are many success stories here, the doctors are good at what they do. Your family will be in my prayers. Keep us posted, please.
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    Julie: I know how scared you must be for your Mom - even the thought that something MIGHT be cancer is horrible to think about. I too had a chest xray that showed "something". The doctor's said it could just be scar tissue from an infection, several other things, or cancer. Unfortunately, the only way they could tell was to operate and it turned out to be cancer. They removed half of my left lung, I went through 12 weeks of chemo as a precautionary measure, and I am now almost 2 years cancer-free. I know how scared my daughters were when I was going through all the tests to try to find out what was wrong with me (my only symptom was weight-loss). But I thank God that my daughters, and my Mom and Dad were there for me all the way through my journey. I just feel bad that they had to go through what they did. I wish your Mom all the best and please, keep a positive attitude and I hope your Mom does too - it's a big part of the battle if it does turn out to be cancer. Good luck!!!