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I am having extrememe panic attacks about dying. I'm in remission and have been for nearly 6 years now. It hit me this last week normally around bed time that i am afraid of dying in my sleep. It's been a week now and I'm scared. I want to be a good mom but i am here crying all the time. I don't have one to talk to about this. Can you email me at thank you


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    I too have panic attacks. They are very real and very scary. You must talk to your doctor. There is no need to suffer through them. There are too many things that can be done to stop the attacks. It is very difficult to stop them on your own. One panic attack feeds the next so it is a vicious circle. I take ativan for my panic attacks and I can take it only when I feel one coming on or when I'm having one so I don't have to be on daily medication. The meds give me a feeling of control. You have to stop them so it doesn't keep spiraling. One of the symptoms of panic attacks are the feeling that you are going to die. You become convinced that there is something seriously wrong with you, no matter what anyone tells you. Medication along with help from a psychologist is the best way to get them under control (from what I've been told and from my own experience). You don't need to be a prisoner in your own body- That is exactly how I felt- and you WILL feel normal again!
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    Hi, just read about your panic attacks. My sister and I both had them. I thought I was going crazy! This is what I did and shared this with my sister. When you feel an attack comming on take a deep breath, and tell your self you have felt this way before anmd everything was just fine. Second pray!!! ask God to get you through this. Put all your thoughts into it, let go of your fear. Lets face it the devil wants you to be upset. Stand up don't let this run your life. Your family needs you. You are in my prayers. Take care charlissa