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Does anyone experience soreness or tenderness in their seems to come and go around the time I'm ovulation or having my period. Is this normal? I've poked around so much on breast trying to feel for something I think I've made them more sore.


  • carollynn
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    Hi Becky:

    I hope this website is helpful. The bottom line message I hope you get from it is that breast tenderness does not always equal breast cancer, but it is a symptom that if lingers should be diagnosed. Good luck.

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    Dear Becky, I am a mammographer and can tell you breast tenderness is a common complaint. Usually it is not related to breast cancer but be sure to get a breast exam by your doctor and ask about having a mammogram just to be sure. Some docs also recommend certain vitamins and diet to help. Another common problem believe it or not is ill fitting bras. Your doc or mammographer should be able to teach you the correct way to do monthly breast exams, very important in early detection.
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    I used to suffer a lot from this. I have fibrosystic breasts and years ago my radiologist told me to stop drinking regular coffee - that the caffein can cause fibrocystic breasts to be painful. I did (now I just drink decaf) and it made a big difference for me. Good luck.