You're A Great Group

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Thanks all for the welcome back messages. As I said, I missed you all a whole lot too. I promise I won't be absent too much longer or for such a long period of time. I love you all a whole lot and know that you'll be there for me in good and in does Mr. No Type ( took a whole lot to get Bert to even use a mouse, let alone a keyboard...but hey, miracles can and do happen).

Anyway, I was thinking about your next get together in Las Vegas (sin kind of town). We are going there this coming weekend and taking mom with us. Money in pocket is burning (hehehe). If we aren't in Europe (we're planning to possible visit Bert's mom in September or October this year), sounds like it might be quite possible for us to drop on by. It's only about a four hour drive...make that 3.5 hours when Bert's behind the wheel.

Ok's late and I gotta get my beauty sleep for tomorrow's day at work...gotta get up at 5:00 a.m. Take care you all and lots of love to each and every one of you.

Monika and Bert, your California kooks!!!!