In hospital yet AGAIN

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Hi all, Sorry to have not been around again. Thursday I started having chest pains and short of breath. I went to famly doctor and they wanted me to go to ER. I went and waited about 3 1/2 hrs and the waiting room was full of people with the flu and pneumonia, so I left. I was home about 4 hrs and my husband made me go back. They admitted me to the cardiac floor and did all kinds of tests on me. You aren't going to believe what is wrong with me now. I have a rare infection called MRSA(methicillan resistant staphylococcus Aureus). It doesnt affect people in good health but with my immune system down, it really got me. Also, I have an infection in my blood, which they said caused the pain and shortness of breath. I will be on antibiotic for 10 more days and then see doctor again. Also, no chemo again this week because of infection. Do you guys think that maybe I'm not supposed to do chemo??? It sure looks like it. But..what would happen then?? Tumor is growing fast. Would this be a death sentence???? I'm kinda scared, as it
seems that something always stops the chemo. Anyhow, wanted you all to know why I've not been around lately. I'm so sorry that I've not been there for you all. I love you all.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)


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    My goodness Judy!! If it isn't one thing it is another!!!

    I think of you often and hope things get better soon. Keep your faith... things all have a way of working out.

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    I am sending a BIG HUG your way. I am sorry that you are having such a rough time. I will continue to pray for you.

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    Judy-Judy-Judy..(do you remember the movie star who said that?)
    Have you asked your doctor about trials? You can call 1-800-4-Cancer and get a list of trials specific to your cancer via e-mail/USPS. There are a lot of non-chemo trials out there.. I am sending you energy to attack your wishes, Nanuk
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    Oh my gosh. You are single-handedly keeping medicine in business.

    I am so sorry you have so many bumps in your road. But the view from where you are must be beautiful - you just keep trecking up that mountain.

    I'm sending out every positive feeling I can muster. Please be well and heal quickly. You are WAY to strong to accept a death sentence. Try to smile, they really have healing powers.

    You will remain in my thoughts and prayers. jana
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    WOW! I can't believe all you have gone through! I'm glad they diagnosed the infection. Now you can get it treated and move forward. All positive vibes heading your way!
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    Judy, you are always and will remain in our prayers. You are one of the strongest people I know on this unfortunate journey.

    Linda (Baltimore)
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    And we love you too Judy! Keep strong and in the faith. I pray for you often. Hugs to you
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    Judy, Hang in there that MRSA is a tough little bugger and I mean that literally 75% of people have it in their nasal passages all the time (I'm a pediatric nurse). It is not uncommon for kids to pick their noses, scratch their skin and give it to themselves in a wound that now needs medication. Of course immunosupressed individuals have it the roughest. Just hang in there. I believe even with the postponements and restarts of chemo it would have to be better than nothing with a fast growing situation as yours. Don't give up! The inspirational stories here give me so much hope for my husband and my best friend who was just diagnosed with colon cancer on Friday. She hasn't even seen a surgeon yet and so the fight begins for her and continues for you. Love and Prayers, Louise