had my first colonoscopy yesterday

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well i had my very first colonoscopy yesterday and boy am i glad it's over!!!!!!!! This was my second attempt, since the first time i was not able to keep the phosphada soda (sp?) down, but this time with the help of some antinausea medication, I was barely able to do the prep. THe actual test was a breeze since i don't remember any of it, but i just can't believe how hard the prep is. How do they expect someone not to eat for a whole 24 hours and then drink that AAWWWFFFFULLLLLLLLL, HOOOORRRRENDDDDOUUUS drink??????

Anyway now my dad who was diagnosed last year (july 04-stage 3, currently and thankfully NED) feels better that both me and my brother got a clean bill of health as far as our colons are concerned.

All of you take care, each and every one of you are constantly in my prayers.



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    Excellent again!!!!! Good for you and your brother for going and easing your mind (and your Dad's). Now plan that wedding and keep doing the St. Patricks Day happy dance.

    Lisa P.
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    scouty said:

    Excellent again!!!!! Good for you and your brother for going and easing your mind (and your Dad's). Now plan that wedding and keep doing the St. Patricks Day happy dance.

    Lisa P.

    Good for you and your brother Susana. That would take the worry away from your dad.

    Procedure for drinking that horrid stuff.
    Go to shed..select 5lb hammer,2 feet of garden hose, 1 funnel, 5 gallon drum, overhead gantry, chain and tackle.
    Sit patient on 5 gallon drum(lid off please)
    Erect overhead of victim gantry and secure said patient with chain n tackle.
    Get loving wife or carer to hit colonoscopy victim over head(hard enough to render non-compass-mentus)
    Introduce garden hose into victims mouth taking care not to kink hose.
    Put aforementioned funnel into hose end(taping there is fine)
    Now pour colonlightly, phosphada soda or whatever they call it into funnel with all haste lest victim awakens.
    Monitor contents flowing into 5 gallon drum/empty every 2 hours until clear fluid is detected.
    On completion of procedure check vital signs.

    this "may" be kanga's choice of administration next time--lol!
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    Good for you! I had mine last week and was very fortunate to have the phoso soda not be that bad (which is rare. I received my report and I have an "unremarkable" sigma, flexi........colon! Mom was SO happy and so was I. As she stated...she is going through this so that me and her grandbabies don't have to. Education and action is the key to staying on the other side of this thing.
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    Ah the prep. I used Trilyte (sp?) for my colonoscopy and then one week later phosphosoda for the surgery. Not sure which was worse but think the phosphosoda, while smaller volume, did taste BAD!!! Glad to hear you were "successful".
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    Good for you Julia!! That's the way to celebrate National Colon Cancer Awareness month!! Glad to hear all is ok.

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    great news, my 20 year old son also had a negative colonoscopy this week. good news is always welcome here.
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    HI THere, OH my I Do not want to do this but will have too, having found my colon ca. during surgery, I need a colonoscopy any time now, whew, I hate all you all tell me but what they hay been through so much guess I can take one more test?? YEs I need the test! Being NAtional colon Awareness month I need to do this, just need to call my trusty DR.s HA. Thanks for the report, and Kanga you said it well thanks, I'll get the hose out..............Love Amy
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    Hi Susana,
    My tummy revolts just thinking about it. Glad yours was all clear, Some hihger power with a distinctly warped sense of humour ensures they always find at least one small polyp every time I have a scope as a result I get to have fun at least once every two years. Hope Dad is feeling fine ,Cheers Ron.
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    Hi Susana,

    Good for you and your brother. What a relief to have an all clear report. I'm glad your dad is doing so well. Keep us posted.

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