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Hi again...Today I asked for the first time my CEA results...it went up from 1.4 to 2.5...Nurse told me that this is normal and anything below 5 is normal...should I worry ?


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    Don't worry. In fact, the upper limit is 10 for smokers,or people with upper respiratory problems.
    In case of a relapse, CEA goes up 4-5 fold.
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    Hi Alta,

    Many say that CEA is not an indicator of anything in many people. I do not have a record of my CEA when I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago,but when I began my chemo treatment, my onc. said my CEA was 0.5. I was at a low CEA for a little over a year then it started going up and went to 3.4. I demanded some tests and lo and behold, my cancer had recurred. My CEA has started going back down again since I began my second chemo regimen. It is now 2.4. Some doctors told me that 3.4 was in the normal range - I say if you have a steady increase in CEA get suspicious. Don't panic if it goes up 1 point and then goes down 1 point the next time - but a steady increase can need some attention. I go to MD Anderson Cancer Center and they say normal range is: 0 - 3 For smokers it is: 0 - 6.

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    My CEA's have never been up and I've had rectal cancer three times already. So, I don't think it is always an indicator. I wouldn't worry with it being 2.5. That sounds normal. Good luck to you.
    Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)
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    You know, I have never asked about my CEA results. I think, after reading the posts, that maybe I should. I almost feel like sticking my head in the sand though. I know that isn't right.