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DebRoa, Jili, Jerlice, Ktinkey,JKAlley,Sweet Onion: I appreciate your advice on how to handle the aches and pains of life now without thinking it is cancer...I have had tunnel vision this past month and moved myself pretty quickly through the whole thing because I refused to become paralyzed with fear (although last night I had a melt down)..I'm a patient advocate at a large hospital in the northeast and have also been a patient advocate at a cancer i knew what to ask...although it is entirely different when you are doing this for yourself and not a patient...don't misunderstand that, I work very hard to make sure that patient's understand their rights and know that they have the right to ask questions.. it just became quite intense for me because now I WAS THE PATIENT!!!..Sweet Onion: if you are not satisfied with the response from your MD regarding the number of lymph nodes removed, try the following: ask for a meeting, in your surgeon's office, and preferably go with a trusted friend or family member.. Ask your surgeon to explain, slowly, why the procedure took so many nodes; if you feel that you still do not have a reasonable answer, then ask to speak to the Chief of the Breast Service-- that would be the MD in charge of that service; if that doesn't help then find out if the hospital has a grievance committee and write a letter to that committee..The committee must respond in writing to your question....if I had the pleasure of representing you as a patient, in my capacity as a patient representative, I would advise all of the above, (I actually would lay the ground work and would have contacted your surgeon with your questions and concerns and then set up a meeting..but some patients wish to set that meeting up themselves and just need to know how they should go about it)...Also find out if your particular hospital has a Patient Representative Office or Patient Advocate Office every hospital has their own title...hope this helps.