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Was diagnosed with "SCC in Situ (at least)" two weeks ago. Surgeon wants to remove entire tumour so that more definitive path report can be made. That's scheduled for March 22. Both he and gynecologic oncologist believe it is invasive, not in citu. Have been having lots of bleeding and pain-can't wait for this to be over. Also, because they found vulvar neoplasia finally did some "private" investigating and found lump in vagina. Any one else? If so, how was this treated-just through chemo/radiation, or through another excission? Scared to death about this and worried for my kids.


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    Your first biopsy should have been able to diagnosis what stage you are in. I assume you picked "anal cancer" on the CSNB site because the tumor is located in the anus. Type in anal canal cancer in the Google search site. There are great sites on these cancers for you to look through. Find out if it is vulva, vaginal or anal cancer. Most important did it spread to the lymph nodes? Cisplatin is often the chemo used for vulva, cervix cancers and radiation. They probably want to measure the depth of the tumor I suspect with a second surgery.

    Read the Andy5 postings here just under your first posting for in depth discussions on anal cancer. If it is anal cancer it has one of the highest "cure" rates if caught early. Be a proactive patient and get someone to be with you when the doctors are talking to you. Cancer is always scary. I am 2 1/2 years survivor of anal cancer Stage IIIA, Gr 4, N1, T3. I too have kids, ages 2, 6 & 8. be well. Andrea
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    SORRY Hello carlop and please know I am praying for you. Well, my mom 81 years old was just diagnosed with the same scc of the anal area. I just want to find out a little about this, so if you can share any info it would be greatly appreciated.Also if you have any questions, please ask. We live in Staten Island New York and need to find a hospital or oncologist that have high recomendations so if you can help please do, and if I can do anything for you I will. Doria