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I'm on Eloxatin, Leucovorin and 5fu, but I keep on reading about Avastin...The day of my second chemo I was listening to my nurse talking to another patient about this treatment, how new it was and how well it was doing ( it's been on the market for 9 months).For you the experts out there, do you know why is giving to some people and not to others ? ( I''m on stage IV )
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    HI there, From what I have been told, it is approved for at least some stage IV patients; clinical trials are going on for stage III. There are a varietiy of opinions about he drug - and some hefty side effects, as I think it can really whip a person's blood pressure around. If you are stage four, you might want to ask your doc about it. I have some paperwork from the trial that I was asked to join, and I am happy to find it for you and try to give you more info. I opted against it because the facility - Stanford - was too far away from me; and to be honest FOLFOX is already kicking my butt! Best of luck to you and let me know if you would like any info off of my clinincal trial sheets.
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    Hi, I am stage IV with spots on liver I was put on avastin and did not have side effects for it. The reason why they use it is because it chokes off blood supplies to the tumors. I had terrible reaction to oxiplatinum in fact doing second round of chemo now. It is clinical trial but I know it does work. Karen lhsteer@aol.com
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    My doctor told me that he would add avastin if he knew for sure I was stage 4. He says I'm either stage 3 or 4. Won't know for sure till surgery. The rate I'm going, no telling when that will be. FOLFOX4 dropped all my blood counts and didn't get to do the new regimen of FOLFIRI last week. Go for blood work Tuesday and IF all is well, will do new chemo Wednesday and Thursday and unhooked from 5FU on Friday. Say a little prayer for me. Good luck with your chemo. I'd talk to my doc and ask about the Avastin since you are stage 4. Keep in touch. This is a wonderful board for info and I'm sure someone that knows more about it will reply.
    Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)
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    My Mom is Stage IV colorectal with metasis to the liver. Was on 5FU and then the tumors broke loose and spread to lungs. I have researched the Avastin and it has awesome power to kill the tumors. They have tried it on breast and I think lung cancer patients and it had heart related problems. The only real promise has been with colorectal patients.