weakness after surgery

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I'm a 75 year old male and had an apparently successful partial cystectomy on February 1. All seems to be going well, but for lingering weakness. Some days I can hardly function, while other days I am near to my old self. Any comments?


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    Hi There. I know exactly what you are talking about. I am 59 years old and have had 3 TURBT in the past 5 months. Each surgery seems to get worse with regards to recovery. I am just exhausted. I push myself as much as I can and then I just have to go with it and relax. Don't fight it but I do understand where you are coming from. Take care of yourself.
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    I went through a nine hour surgery in July. It took me roughly three months to get back some of my strength. My legs would fall asleep and hurt through the night. That is all gone now and I have recovered roughly 80% of my strength. I am 62. Good luck and just give it time.
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    i;m 46 now i;v had 4 turbts 2 lots of chemo iwas avery strong and fit builder in london when i was diagnosed but the weakness and lack of energy is a problem i;v had to learn to go with it. i;v heard of many others talking about this stuff.its not unusual.enjoy what you can and be good to yourself.all the best.
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    I'm glad I read these comments. Today has been one of those week days for me. It feels like I can't control my muscles and have little balance. I invested in a cane. I hope this goes away. I am planning to return to work soon. Days like today are scary and discouraging.

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    It's expected to happen after

    It's expected to happen after surgery. You just need to regain your strength and eat a lot of nutritous foods.