Nerve Damage from radiation

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Hi all, I have not posted in a long time, however, I always read what is going on with everyone and you are all aways in my prayers. Although, (thank God) I have NED, I have been very sick battling side effects from radiation and adhesions and scar tissue. I just had another operation 3 weeks ago for the removal of these adhesions and scar tissue. Dr. said it was a mess in there; also resected some small bowel as that was kinked and twisted. This was causing excruciating pain. Anyway, operation was successful but then I developed more pain and they believe this is nerve damage from radiation and put me on Neurontin. No one knows whether this is helping me or I am just getting better on my own. I am having a very, very slow recuperation and can't physically do things like I used to ... like climbing the stairs (very slow) Just this week I am back to household chores, like mopping floors, laundry, etc. I am always in some belly discomfort and the drs. still say it will eventually go away. mmmm I was wondering if any of you are experiencing this and if so what treatment are you getting. There must be something I can do to help with this pain. I don't like drugs (pain killers) as they slow the system down and I don't need that. Thanks in advance.


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    Yes, I have recurrent abdominal distress but never any pain. A month after my resection, I was readmitted to the hospital with vomiting and nausea due to adhesions. Another visit to the ER about two months later also resulted in a diagnosis of adhesions. I have not had to have surgery, but I worry that someday I will. If I am under stress or am upset, it seems to aggrevate the problem. My gastroenterologist said on my initial visit that my colon was a bit crimped so I'm not sure if that is the problem or if I truly do have IBS. Anyway, I sympathize with you. I did not have to have radiation so I have no answers or comparisons there. I am glad to hear that you are NED. I hope you continue to heal from this latest operation.

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    drmgrl...More than 6 years ago I weathered the year from hell with rectal cancer. Radiation, I too landed back in the hospital with some adheson problems, but they passed without surgery. As for the stomach discomfort, I found that movement was the best medicine. Walking and then my return to running when I had the energy were very therapeutic. The body's movement helps the digestive system immensely. I still run almost every day, partly because of how much it aids my digestive system. The movement keeps things moving, believe me. You don't have to run, you can just walk or go for gentle hikes. That was my best discovery in all of this. Good luck. Things do work out a little bit at a time.
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    Hi there, Gosh, I feel for you and hope that your recuperation is on the rise. Now, i don't have any great news for you - just something that has made a turn-around for me. I am in a chemo regimen and my stomach and intestines have been distressed - to say the least. On Tuesday, I started thinking that allof the natural flora had been destroyed by the I started eating ALOT of plain yogurt. Within 24 hours i started feeling better - mentally and physically. Iknow that you are not in a chemo regimen, but it might calm things down and it might boost your general health. it sounds so strange, but it had a huge impact. I am going to eat 2-3 cups a day from now on. It is plain though - and I just add a bit of fresh fruit. Apparently the sugary types don't have the same benefit. You might give it a try....Can somebody else mop your floors for a while? You sound too tired to do that! Take it easy and best of luck. Cheers, Maura
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    Hi this is Amy, I have had a bowel re-section ,hyrstrectomy within 1 yr, yes it takes time to back to normal, Do not push it, I too do too much housework, even every day things will get ya, SLOW DOWN Chickie, really it'll all be there when you feel better , please don't put your worries on housework (as I did in the past) It will still be there, who cares if peeps come over, you've been ill, any way really listen to your body and if you have had this twist & bowel problem,honest...../RELAX you need it, as Erma Bomeck said no one is going to remember you whether your house was clean or whatever, hell,get well chickie honest!, I am the same but I chill when needed because of chemo.I am sorry you feel bad just rest,as far as pain well I do the pain-killers because I need them,(right now I am fighting a tooth ache-root/ canal) get it monday so besides my normal aches & chemo junk I have a major tooth problem, it sucks too but be strong & get to a Dr if needed. Drs. care & wil help, just rest that is all I can say
    love to you
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    Hi Annette, It is good to see you posting again; I'm sorry that you are still dealing with the side effects of the surgery and radiation. I hope the results of the operation continue to help you feel better as time goes on; 3 weeks is a short time for recovery from this kind of surgery. Hang in there.
    I know some folks who use neurontin for other kinds of nerve pain, with good success. Good luck to you; keep us posted. Judy