Good appt about dose issue

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Hello again. Thanks so much for your quick responses. I had a good heart-to heart with my Nurse Prac...who works so closely with the doc that she even writes scrips. We are going to lower the chemo amts (FOLFOX) and have my heart checked. I think because I am at least fairly young, they really wanted to push the amts. I'm truly okay with normal side-effects...queasiness, the intestinal distress and fatigue, hand-foot and insomnia. But I think things were going beyond normal, so I am glad I spoke up. It is important that we feel comfortable (mentally) with what is happening to us - and in control. So.....we'll see how next week goes. With luck, no allergic rxn of a non-working tongue - really spooky and supposedly tied to the Oxaliplatin.
It is great to hear that people are doing so well during and after chemo. I wish all of you the best!
Cheers, Maura


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    i'm glad your nurse practitioner was willing to listen to you (though, i'm not surprised-i have only had good feelings when talking to NPs. I think they are taught to listen). Good luck with the new dosing.