M&M's scam??

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Hi. I haven't posted here in a while but I seem to remember some discussion here before regarding the email going around about pink and white M&M's being sold for BC research. It's going around again and since I've never seen these in Northern California I wonder if this is a hoax or are some of you able to buy these in other parts of the country? If it's a hoax I'd like to let friends know not to forward the email. My prayers are still with all of you fighting BC. So far I'm still good as a four year survivor and only having to deal with joint pain from Femara.


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    I live in New York State and havent heard anything. good luck to you! pattie
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    This one isn't a scam but it's not an ongoing program. The original campaign was run during the fall of 2003. Then in July of 2004 Masterfoods announced it would repeat the fundraiser during September, October and November of 2004. Both times, Masterfoods promised a minimum donation of $250,000 to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, regardless of the success or failure of the fundraiser. They also set a top limit of $650,000. That means that any money they make on the fundraiser over $650,000 they keep.
    I haven't heard whether they will initiate it again this fall.
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    This promotion was originally for September and October of 2003, according to the folks who make M&M's, but was revived during September, October, and November of 2004.
    That's because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
    The proceeds went to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation, which has partnered with other web sites for raising funds through either the sale of product or clicking corporate banners on their sites.
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    Hello from Marilyn yes I do see pink and white M&M's at the Allsup stores here in Carlsbad New Mexico . I'm a two year survivor February the 28th was my anniversary that I had surgery for breast cancer in 2003.
    I do not know if the M&Ms are a hoax but I will try to find out for you .
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    They existed. I bought ten bags personally. But, I am sure that they are probably all gone now.