pet scan today

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Hi Everyone,
I had my first post chemo pet scan today. I will have the results on Friday. In the meantime, my nerves are shot. I hate the waiting part!
I hope that you are all doing well. I'm sending positive energy to everyone!
The weather has been beautiful and I have been taking advantage of it and spending time outside. Spring is my favorite time of year and I plan to make sure that I celebrate it this year.
Take care!


  • kerry
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    The waiting is the hardest part. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Celebrate a beautiful spring and new life. You will be ok.

  • littlejulie
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    OH MY - the waiting part is horrible!!! I'm sending you positive thoughts and vibes your way!
  • tkd3g
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    Hi Jamie.

    Congrats on finishing chemo. Feels good doesn't it? I'm up for my pet scan on the 21st.

    Enjoy the beautiful weather. There is something healing about the sun.

    Waiting is very very hard. But, try your best to think of other things. I happen to be very very fortunate because my husband knows the Radiologist. He gives us a quick answer before we leave, then goes over the scans with a fine tooth comb and calls us later that day.

    Positive. Everything will be fine.

    Love to you.

  • Kanort
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    Hi Jamie,

    Yes, we can all relate to the anxiety you feel while waiting for test results. Getting off chemo is certainly cause for celebration. Sending well wishes your way.

  • rejoyous
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    Hi Jamie,

    I just got done with my own waiting game, so I'm right with you. I was actively practicing deep breathing over the days between the C-T scan and getting the results, and it always amazes me how much taking deep breaths really does help. As does spring, as you well know!

    I hope the news is good. I'll be looking for your posting.
  • taraHK
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    Waiting is hard. I have a sticker above my desk that says "Feed the faith, starve the doubt". Sending best wishes your way.
  • kangatoo
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    taraHK said:

    Waiting is hard. I have a sticker above my desk that says "Feed the faith, starve the doubt". Sending best wishes your way.

    Hiya Jamie...I usually have to wait a week for the between times I go nuts!!!!!
    If you read my post about my last blood tests(page 2) you will see that between my clinic receptionist and my doctor they screwed up the way they went about telling me.(I had to laugh afterwards)....but at the time I was honestly in tears when I told Jen something was up. You have my sympathy Jamie...waiting SUCKS!!!
    kanga n Jen