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Hello everyone!!! I am new to this section of this site. I have been a caregiver for a year and a half for my husband who just resenly passed away from Colon cancer. I made him a promise to get checked out and I did. I have had 2 mamo's and ultra sound of my Left breast. I found out that in 99 I had a lump that they said was a sist and comparing them to this report it has stayed the same if you look at one view and has increased a little insize with onother view. Needless to say I am afraid. I didn't expect this. My new GYN said that the report recomends a follow up in 4-6 months. I an worried that if this is cancer what will ahppen to it in that time. They are will to let me have a biopsy but I don't think the insurance will pay if the report recomends a recheck. I don't know what to do!!!!! I am totally alone now and at me witts end about this. Cananyone here give me a clue as to what is going on or give me something to go on.

Any help would be GREATLY appriciated!!!!!!! I have no one to talk to about this now and hoping you guys can help me!!!!

Thank You!!!!!!!!



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    Hi - would your insurance cover getting a second opinion? That might help ease your fears. After having cancer I had a lump in the other breast which I was told could be monitered and rechecked after 6 months. When I expressed concern about this the nurse told me that the doctor would not have given me that option if he thought there was anything to worry about. I did end up having a biopsy (going thru cancer stuff once made me paranoid) and it was benign. Do whatever you need to do to give yourself peace of mind.
    take care - shelly
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    So sorry to hear of the loss of your husband. This of course is making you even more concerned. Reach out to some friends and yes we are here for you. You do need people in your life so after a year and a half of care giving you need to get back out. If that cyst has only changed a very little since 1999 it would be unlikely it is cancer but you must have it checked out if really worried. A biospy is not terribly expensive and a second opinion should be paid by insurance. God Bless Linda
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    Hi Sue, sorry to hear about your loss! Loss is a great stopper, so beware of the signs of depression. Check the Wellness Council if you have one in your area, i do and they have been great. Worrie replaces faith and no amount of worrie can give you the sweet peace that you need after the loss of your husband. I am alone too journeying with breast cancer and i too am very frightened. I dont know where the strengh comes from at times cause i seem to make it ok. We all need someone to lean on! My mom has bc at the same time as me and my sister has cyst that have proved to be nothing so see not to worrie...good luck Sue and write anytime. Pattie
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    Hi Sue:

    My condolences on the loss of your beloved husband. I can only imagine how difficult that must be.

    I'm thinking that perhaps a sonogram, as follow up to the mammogram, may bring some clearer answers for you? Ask your doctor about this option.

    You could also consult with a good breast surgeon. One who handles only diseases and conditions of the breast. These docs really have a sharp eye and could advise you well. It could serve as a 2nd opinion also. Just take all your films for him/her to review with you and go from there. This may well give you some greater peace of mind and help you determine what is best to do. You insurance company would likely have to cover such a visit for you.

    Hope that may be helpful in some way.

    Take good care of you and please keep us posted.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Hi Sue,

    I am so so sorry for your loss. This has to be twice as hard for you.

    While I agree with everyone, what they have said, I have to share what happened with me.

    I had a reg mammo and was told that I had microcalcifications. They took a second look, more close up, and told me that they were benign, and to come back in 6 mos. They were rounded and spaced apart, and cancer was jagged and spaced close together. Being the worrier that I am and having a large incidence of bc in my family, I insisted on a core needle biospsy. The surgeon also agreed with the breast clinic, but ordered the biopsy to do away with my fear. I had breast cancer and very aggressive bc. And, it was diffuse in my right breast. Having already had a lumpectomy in the left one, and with my bc being a likely one to recurr, they did a bilateral mastectomy.

    My insurance company never balked at paying. I am glad that I insisted, but, it could have turned out either way. Do what your gut tells you honey. It is the best thing.

    Love Jan