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I was diagnosed with Hodgkins on July 16, 2004 (three weeks from when I was to be married to my High School Sweetheart. I have finished with my chemo and all of my scans have been clear, YEAH! But I was wondering how long it will take to start my cycle again? I would love to hear from anyone that has a story or advice! Thanks so much.


  • lozza
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    3months for mine to start again, but I read on another message on this site that it can take around a year for everything to get back to normal - get this, I've had three periods over the last 3 weeks, how d'you work that one out?!
  • josiesue
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    Hi Kari,
    I too was diagnosed with Hodgkin's before my wedding..2 months before. I was on a birth control shot called luprin until September. I got my first period in December. I was alittle irregular for the first couple of months and now I am seem to be back on track. My doctor told me that I had to wait a full year after my treatment to become pregnant which is ok with me and my husband, since it gives us extra time to pay off the wedding bills and save alittle extra for our house. Congrats on the clear ct... I know how great it felt to hear that news. Good luck to you.
  • lhodnet
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    I was dx with HDL 2 mos after having a baby girl, but my period started immediately following the chemo treatments and have been normal and consistent since. I asked my obgyn if this was a good sign and she said yes.

  • TraceyN
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    I had HD twice, first time had radiation, second time, two years later Chemo. I never missed a period, and now 7 years later I have two beautiful little girls. Hope that helps. From what I understand if you had ABVD you have a good chance of maintaining your fertility. (I did!) Best of luck!
  • soad00
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    I was diagnosed October 1999. Had radiation to neck and stomach (spleen). I got engaged in the summer and began to consider starting a family. I started to prep my body my taking prentatal vitamins and going off the pill while using other protection 3 months before I started trying. I got pregnant the first month we began to try and am now 9 weeks. We have our first ultrasound in March at 12 weeks. So, its all possible. We are just anxious for the u/s right now to make sure everything is ok... Good Luck Everyone.