Back from the sunny tropics!

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Hi all!
I've been trying to catch up on all the postings, but it's a bit overwhelming. I want you to know that you were all in my prayers, every night while i was away. We had a wonderful time on St John. The weather was warm and sunny. I got to lay on the beach daily, my hubby got to snorkel almost daily. Made us both happy. My GI issues (anal fissure,and now a lge hemmorhoid) continued while we were away, so bathrooms were important to me, but other than that nothing got in the way of our enjoyment of vacation. I have to admit this was the hardest vacation to return home from for me. It's hard gearing myself up for the return to chemo and all that entails. I keep losing more hair. I know once the chemo returns, that's likely to get much worse. I have an appointment tomorrow to talk with someone about options. ANd who knows what the resumption of chemo will do to my poor bottom (when i'm in a good mood i call my butt "Toot-sie", when i mad at her she's "butt-face", or "butt-head", or if i'm really mad "a-hole butt-face";-).
Anyway, I continue to keep you all in my thoughts, those of you with good news (yay!you give us hope) and those of you with bad news (may you cling to the hope-as I am- that we will all join the ranks of NED!)


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    Welcome back - although I know it is bittersweet now that you will be facing more chemo.

    You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers as you begin another round fighting this disease. You will win!

    My very best to you.

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    Hi Mary,

    Welcome home. I had a hard time coming back from my warm vacation in Arizona, too, but now that I'm back it doesn't seem as bad as I'd dreaded. And on that same note, I wanted to share that earlier this year, as I began my journey through chemo, I was quite filled with dread regarding how much worse the chemo sessions would inevitably become. But then someone on this site advised me that it actually didn't work that way for him--that each treatment session was different, and that the symptoms didn't keep building in any predictable fashion.

    That was my experience, as well. One week I'd be excruciatingly exhausted, the next session I'd have energy. One week I'd have really yucky nausea, but not necessarily again the following time. Knowing this helped me just take it a step at a time, which has been my mantra for this whole experience.

    You must be good at that, too, because it sounds like you had a great time on St. John. I hope you can keep looking for and cherishing those up moments as they come--which they will!