Marty's husband...Please pray

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Marty has not been doing well since her surgery. She has spoken of this site and the chats she has had with all of you. She told me it was a great place for support. I wanted to thank you and ask you for your prayers. We need all the luck we can get at this point.
We pray for all of you every night.
God bless...
(Marty05's husband)


  • BonnieR
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    Sorry to hear Marty isn't doing well, tell her I am sending up many prayers and lots of hugs her way. Bonnie
  • Mary303
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    Sorry to hear that Marty isn't doing well. I'll keep her in my prayers. Keep us posted on how she is doing.
  • mopar
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    Our prayers and thoughts are with you and Marty. What kind of surgery did she have? Any chemo currently? Please keep us informed.
    May He be your strength.
  • groundeffect
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    John, I'll add both of you to my prayers, and will ask for the best possible outcome for her.