Mandatory Scans

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I've many issues with our current Health Care and where it seems we are headed, but I'm wondering if the American Cancer Society and perhaps Dermatolgists throughout the United States could band together (with our assistance, of course) to bring more awareness to skin cancers.

Companies talk about "wellness" in the workplace and I haven't seen any mention of skin cancers or any other cancer awareness programs, scans, etc..

Not only is this an opportunity to bring awareness, but it's an opportunity for Dermatologists throughout the US to get out in their communities.

This would only be a win/win situation for all involved. We'd have more awareness in our communities. Hopefully, we'd be catching illnesses (in this case skin cancers) early on. The workplace would experience less sick time. The doctors (hate to say this but it is true) would increase their business. The patient would have control over their health. They are taking the first step and in most cases, having a scan that they normally would never have taken on their own. Early detection would also lessen what could be very expensive AND extensive treatments if caught later in life.

I'd like to see some of our employeers work with various types of doctors (in this case Dermatologists) and have them come on their job sites and have a sort of "health care" program every so often, offering various opportunities for our employees to take control.

Our lives are so stressful and busy as it is, that the average person does NOT take time for themselves. If they do have the time, they are not going to make a doctor's appointment when they are feeling well.

That's what it's all about... WELLNESS.

So everyone out there-- please get with your bosses. Ask him or her if they'd allow you to organize something for your organization. Call your dermatolgist (or other doctor) and ask them if they'd be willing to come to your office or job site and offer free, private skin scanning.

I've a plan worked out and I'd be happy to give you my organizational plan to work something like this out in your office or wherever........

I think that we have a responsibility to everyone out there to bring awareness to not only skin cancer and the likes, but to WELLNESS!

I want to make a difference and will do whatever it takes.

Please help.