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My sister, 68, was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer 17 months ago. She had a PET scan a couple of weeks ago and was just told that cancer had spread to her bladder, liver and left lung. She has yet to meet with an oncologist for a treatment plan - that is scheduled for next week - but she's terribly devastated. I want to encourage her to keep fighting, even though she is saying, "what's the point?" Can anyone offer me any ideas about how to help her?


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    Hiya Gail and welcome to a world of friends. I would not think there is a person here that does not understand the way your sister feels. To be told one has cancer litterally puts the fear in ones mind. It would be helpfull if your sister is able to come here to talk to others and also to read some of the personal pages Gail. I am sure there will be others here that will tell you how thay have fought to contain this beast. It is not always a battle lost. Your sister needs support and answers. She needs to be informed of everything happening to her. Of course it is also a difficult time for you so do not be afraid to ask questions here.
    To you both....all is not lost..there is hope.
    luv and a hugg to yu both, kanga n Jen
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    the point is, that life is a gift. Each day we live and fight our cancer is a victory, and allows us to stick around long enough for the next big breakthrough..
    A treatment plan will buy more time, and maybe reverse the cancer that is present. In the meanwhile, stay here with us and share the success stories with your sister..she is fortunate to have you for a caretaker/advocate. It is a fact that attitude is important - Livestrong! Nanuk
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    Hi there,
    Well, you could not have made a better choice coming to the site. Welcome. There is compassion and love, and also a spot to just ask about your fears and concerns. Best wishes with your onc appt. We'll be thinking of you.Keep In touch.
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    Thank you all so much for your wisdom. This site is a Godsend. I have felt so much better since I met you! I read page after page of your postings and couldn't wait to call my sister to tell her that she is not alone and what she is feeling is normal. She doesn't have a computer so I will stand in for her and let her know that she has a support group behind her. She also has a wonderfully supportive husband who takes very good care of her. She had a terribly tough time with her last round of chemo and I know that part of her worry is having to face it again. But being able to tell her today that she is (1) not alone, and (2) must not despair, was a gift from you all. Thank you!

    Janice (Gail's sister)