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I'm a newby, but have a message for all. as I approached my five year cancer free mark,(11/24/05),I really felt better and better. Then on the first of July I had what I thought was constipation. As you all know that is no big thing, but this was. I went into the Hospital on July 4 with a intestinal blockage. They tried everything for four days, but finally resorted to surgury. My surgeon found two sections of small intestine stuck together and twisted so as to stop everything. I was in for a total of 14 days and hated every minute. So! my advice to all is to check with your surgeon before any operation and discuss adhesions and see if he can prevent them. HOW357


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    Hello there, Thank you for your up-date, and welcome here also. I myself have been wondering about adhesions, since I had 2 serious surgeries within a year,(and what to look for), I am feeling fine but ya never know when all of a sudden something doesn't feel right. Thanks again
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    I am also approaching my 5th year (12/12/05) Stage III since DX and had a similar (almost identical time line!) challenged like yours. It happened last September 04 Labor Day weekend. Thought I had severe food poisoning resulted in terrible stomach ache and was admitted to the Hospital emergency. Couple of CAT Scan later, found scar tissue pulling "kinking" my intestine causing the blockaged and surgery was the only option to remove the bad tissue. Hated the hospital stay specially the N/G tubing!. Everything is fine now, I am back to jogging and playing tennis. The best news is that there were no signs of new growth and everything is clean!. It could have been worse.
    As far as prevention, my surgeon said that once someone has previous surgery, the scar tissue also start to form more than ever and the blockage he've seen it happen anywhere from a month to even 4/5 years post surgery. He said that one of the best way one can do is to look for one of the most common sign such as persistent gradual to severe stomach ache and or cramping and get it check as soon as possible. It's a grim picture, but like you by posting here, might be able to help someone.

    Advanced Happy Anniversary to you!