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My aunt, 70, was just diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer. The doctor made it clear that he does not think she has much of a chance and that chemo might not even be worth it. Of course, we can't accept that. We want to believe that, no matter how dire the situation, there is always a chance that she could respond well to the chemo and live a decent life for a few more years -- as some of the wonderful stories I've read here suggest. But I worry that my aunt is in a different, more serious category and that we are simply deluding ourselves. Please tell me if that's true. Thanks, and God bless.


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    I am 50 and was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years ago. Your aunt, even though she is 70, could possibly be helped, however, that depends on her general health and how much the cancer has metastasized and to what other organs, etc. It sounds like a 2nd opinion would be in order! See what another physician/surgeon thinks before giving up!
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    Hi there. So sorry to hear what you and your family are going through. I just lost my mother-in-law last week to non-small cell lung cancer. She was only 59 and generally in good health. We were told at her original dx of Stage IV that some treatment *might* extend her life. She quickly began treatments of chemo and radiation. All the treatments did were make her sick and weak. Looking back, she would not have chosen to do the treatments. It took away any quality of life she had left. I completely understand you and your family not being able to accept the advice of her doctor, however, there is some truth to what he said...in MY opinion. I would however, encourage your Aunt to get a 2nd opinion and go from there. We never got a 2nd opinion and I so wish we would have. Please let me know if I can provide you with any more help or support.
    Peace, Dionne