I Have 3 Years NED!!!!!

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Guys, on the 24th I had 3 years. I had been trying not to think about it but secretly hoping it would hurry up and get here and look what happened! It snuck up behind me!!! Man am I excited WOOOHOOOO uh,oh, I think the neighbors heard that??!! I love you all and thank you for every kind word and thought and prayer that keeps my feet on this path.


  • kerry
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    Another WoooHooo from me. I'm so happy for you!

  • taraHK
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    Yee-ha!!! You champion!!!!

  • spongebob
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    Taunya -

    WOOOOOOHOOOOOO! There... it's 3 AM here and I KNOW my neighbors heard that! (that's OK, they're honeymooners and they wake me up at 2.. and then 3... and then 4...with their version of woo-hoo. I'd like to go throw cold water on them...)

    Anyway, that's AWESOME! Congratulations. You are an inspiration to everyone who visits CSN.

    Many happy returns

    - Sponge
  • Moesimo
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    Congratulations!!!!! what a milestone. Go out and celebrate!!!!
  • littlejulie
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    thats GREAT!!!! so HAPPY TO HEAR!
  • RunnerZ
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    Taunya...What AWESOME news! My oncologist gave me permission to leave his care and move onto another oncologist after I hit the 3 year mark. He said that after 3 years, I was in great shape and that the chance of a reocurrence was extremely low. You should be so happy and should select a way to celebrate your anniversary. I recently hit the 6 year mark...and almost forgot about it. That's what regular life does...it takes over again! Congratulations!!
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    Congrats on your 3 year milestone. It does my heart good to celebrate your victory.
    May God continue to Bless You,
  • ron50
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    ((((((((((((Taunya))))))))))))) Ron.
  • nbalantac
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    Celebrate good times c'mon....huh!, huh!. Congratulations, it's a celebration indeed!. My Big 50 is this month but more significantly my 5th year since DX is this coming December!

    Noel Balantac
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    You go Girl!!!!!!

    Celebrate and just bust loose. Keep laughing and thanks for being there for those of us still fighting the monster.

    PS. I think you can call it something other then NED now. How bout cancer free!!!!!! ENJOY and CHERISH!!!!!!

    Lisa P.
  • 2bhealed
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    CELEBRATION C'MON!! (singing the old disco favorite of the roller rink ...I guess that dates me).

    SOOOOO happy for you!!!

    You know what my oncologist said....with colon cancer if nothing pops up for three years it's really rare that anything will!!! Let's hang onto that ok?

    peace, emily who counts 3 yrs 7 months.......