hi guys today is my..........

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hi all,
well today i celebrated another birthday #47 with the lord's help. this is the first since dx with the beast. dx may 04 stage 11, than chemo 7/04 till 1/05 finished, colon resection 9/04. hernia repair to x stoma site 1/05. yes it has been a long journey but i have not done it alone i have had all of you with me. thank you all. going back to work tomorrow first time since 9/04 wish me luck,
never give up never!!!!!!!!!!!
all the best


  • spongebob
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    Talk about your multiple WOO-HOOs!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bruce!! 47 and still going strong - Congratulations.

    And another WOO-HOO - going back to work! That's awesome and I am sooo happy for you.

    You are such an inspiration to folks and such a souce of good karma here at the CC board. I am so glad to see you celebrating for yourself! Thanks for being there for all of us!!


    - Sponge
  • 2bhealed
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    dude! Happy birthday!!

    So happy to celebrate with you! To many more!!!

    peace, emily who raises her carrot juice in a toast!
  • kerry
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    Happy Birthday!! and many many more.

  • potsy
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    Happy Birthday, Bruce! You have a lots to celebrate..........Congrats on going back to work.......that's wonderful!

  • livin
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    Happy Birthday Bruce may there be many-many more. Good luck on your first day back to work. Livin
  • kangatoo
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    livin said:

    Happy Birthday Bruce may there be many-many more. Good luck on your first day back to work. Livin

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bruce!!!!!
    Big huggies from yah mates in OZ
    Have a great day at work tomorrow but don't overdo it buddy!
    luv, kanga n Jen
  • Moesimo
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    Bruce, Happy, happy belated birthday and many more. Do not work too hard. I also will be going back in 2 weeks. But I am glad that I am able to return. (If only i had a money tree in my yard.) lol

  • scouty
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    Happy Belated Birthday Bruce!!!!!!

    I hope that butthead boss you had last year isn't around anymore!!!! Don't push it too hard and take you time getting back into "the grind". It will take some time.

    Lisa P.
  • littlejulie
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    Happy Birthday BRUCE! Well - Happy Belated bday - I'm posting a day late
  • taunya
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUCE!!!!!!!!I am very happy to hear that good news.
    Love and Hugs to You,
  • HowardJ
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    Happy Birthday, Bruce! Hope your first day back to work wasn't too bad.

  • grandma047
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    Happy belated birthday and congratulations on enduring your long journey back to health and going back to work. You are an inspiration to me. Thanks.
    Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)
  • slammer
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    Congratulations Bruce, go out & enjoy the moments! I relly miss work myself & I am sure you are eager to go back (well sort-of) PLus late Happy birthday, I am waitng till I can say No more chemo- all looks good, Thanks Doc! It;ll happen........Best wishes