Having problems with Abcess.....

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Hello and hope everone is having a good weekend so far. I have a question? It seems like everytime they start me back on chmo of any kind I end up with an abcess. Its in the inside above my right hip bone. This last week I was in the hospital. From The 16-23rd. I started chemo pills on the 12th and was on them for only 4days when my right side started to hurt again and started running a fever. They did a CT Scan in the ER when I went and found that the abcess was back again. They don't know why I keep getting it. They done so many tests. It seems like it has something to do with the chemo. I had a drain tub put in on Sunday the 19th to drain it. It hurts kinda. I guess I was just woundering if anyone has any kind of problems with infections or anything when they've been on chemo?
sorry this was long and rambly.