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I need help I posted my info a few times before. I have been having some problems and two of my three doctors thought I might have cancer. One thought endometrial carcinoma and the other OVCA. Well, I had a biopsy done in one of their offices and now he seems to think that my problems(pain) are caused by endometrial polyps. But he does not say anything about my ovary(4.3cm cyst). He told me that because of my extensive medical history I can not do anything about the polyps and that the pain will leave when I am in menopause (I am 30). My question is what do I do about the cyst? Should I forget about it or should I see another doctor? The reason he wanted the biopsy is because of my symptoms ( bloating, bleeding, lower back pain, lower abdominal pain, sudden weight gain and etc....) I AM SCARED AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! P.S. I don't want them to think I a making this up but how am I going to live this way?


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    Hi NYCGYRL, I know my sister has polps and they are very very painful or that is what she has told me and her Dr has said the same thing they would go away at menopause. She is watched closely because of having 2 sisters that have ovarian cancer. But you could ask for an unltra sound to check out the cyst closer or have a ca125 blood draw just to help ease your mind that you don't have cancer.
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    Sounds like you need to see a real specialist, a gynecology-oncologist, for a proper diagnosis. You can't fight cancer without knowing if it really is cancer or not. Especially with your symptoms, you need to get a good answer first.
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    Oh girl, am sorry that you are scared :o(

    About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer (stage IIIc) and doc removed my right ovary and 1/2 of my left. I went in for my 5 year checkup (catscan/bloodwork). last month and my cat scan showed a 3" mass growing on my left ovary. My doctor made an appointment for me to have a transvaginal ultrasound, for this will tell him more than a catscan. I had my catscan right before my menstrual cycle and my transvaginal ultrasound right after my menso cycle, and the ultrasound showed that there was no longer a cyst on my ovary (it vanished or shall I say exploded-tis painful at times). My doctor explained to me that this type of cyst on ovaries that come and go according to one's menstrual cycle is called functional/follicular cyst (and stated it is normal). He plans on doing a follow up transvaginal ultrasound every two months for a little while just because I have a history of ovarian cancer. If I were you, I would make an appointment for a transvaginal test right before your period and one right after, and that will tell the docs if it is a functional ovarian cyst. I never had this before, but I heard most women have it in their 30's. i am 34 years old. Also NYCGYRL, I agree with Kgoppert's advice about seeing a real specialist (gynecologist/oncologist) just to make sure it is not cancerous. Hang in there girl ~ Hope you find this info helpful. Peace, Joanna Siefert (
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    I agree with the advice to see a gyn/oncologist. I was diagnosed with early cancer by a gyn/oncologist (my gyn referred me to him) following removal of a cyst. My CA 125 is normal, the first test of the cyct classified it as borderline. However, it takes a gyn who specialises in oncology to see whether it is or not.

    Hope you will be all right. Seeing the gyn/oncologist can give you a peace of mind.