all clear, all clear, all clear!!!!!!!!

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hi again guys, my dad had his post chemo scans today and ALL CLEAR! I guess one of the advantages of working at a hospital is that you can find out results within hours. Today is also my birthday, and what a wonderful birthday present this is for me and of course my Daddy.

My family is originally from Portugal, and since these last set of scans are clear, my parents are finally leaving to spend time with the rest of our family and for a well-deserved vacation.

Thank you all for your prayers. You are all such wonderful, caring individuals. Again from the bottom of my heart, thanks. I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!!



  • pjenks57
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    HOW WONDERFUL.. Happy Birthday and congrats to your Father and the rest of the family. God is great!
  • alihamilton
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    Happy Birthday ....enjoy the deserve it!
  • StacyGleaso
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    Oh Susana (hey, I think there's a song there!)!
    I am SO happy for you and your family. Tell your dad nice job, and we expect only happy, healthy days from here on out!!!!!!!!!

  • scouty
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    Thanks for sharing Susana!!!!! Now you can just work on planning that wedding!!!!!

    Relax and enjoy some quiet time just like your Mom and Dad are going to do!!!!

    Lisa P.
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    Cumpleanos feliz! (Or something like that - I understand Portuguese much better than I write it)

    Anyway - Woo-Hoo for dad! Happy birthday to you. Thanks for sharing the great news, Susana!

    - Sponge
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    Great, great, great! What a happy birthday present. Enjoy and bon voyage to your folks. Judy
  • Kanort
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    Super news, Susana!

    And Happy Birthday, too!
  • littlejulie
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    Hi Susana,
    I'm a little late in responding. I only have access to the internet mon through fri and i wasn't in on friday!! That is GREAT NEWS and Happy Belated Birthday!

    julie :)