I think I have ovarian cancer!

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Tomorrow i go to the doctor to get checked out for what i believe to be ovarian cancer. here are my symptoms:
in december 2003, i had my first child. in january 2004, i started on ortho evra. during the nine months that i wore the patch, i had all my usual menstrual cycles. after i went off the patch in september 2004, i kept having the cycles and never missed one. on january 21st 2005, i had my first cycle of the year. on febuary i had another cycle and on february 15th i had another cycle.
beginning in september, whenever my fiance and i would have sex, the area where my right ovary is starts to hurt. it got so bad the last time we had sex that we had to stop. i went to my doctor in september for the pain and she said it might be a cyst. they did an ultrasound, but i never got the results of it. but ever since september the pain has gotten worse.
recently i have been sleeping a lot and i don't know why. i lower stomach looks swollen but i thought i was getting fatter. i have short periods of back pain.
is this all in my head? do i have ovarian cancer? is there anything i can do?


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    I understand your concerns. But why didn't you get the results of your tests? Maybe that's a good sign, otherwise if there were something major they probably would have called you. You are wise to have this checked out, and hopefully to put your mind at ease. I had no symptoms, which is common for OVCA. However, don't ignore this. There are some simple things they can start with - a CA125 blood test, pelvic exam, CT scans, PET scans, ultrasounds, etc. Hopefully they will at least do the blood work to get you started and get a baseline number. Any family history? Of course, having a new baby brings a lot of new circumstances, fatigue certainly being one of them!

    Please write down everything so you don't forget to tell your doctor. Start keeping a journal of what he tells you also. When we're afraid we tend to forget or not understand certain things. A journal will help keep it all in perspective. Let us know what you find out. My prayers are with you, and we'd love to hear from you again.
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    I just finished chemo for ovarian cancer in March 2005. Last Sept. I had gone to the ER with severe right pelvic pain. I had had bloating, and pain in the back and pelvic areas. Although there was not a history of ovarian cancer in my family, the doctor I saw asked if I had ever had "female problems". The answer to that was no, other than the present symptoms. Long story short, this doctor took my pain seriously. I had x-rays, a pelvic exam, and a CT scan. A solid ovarian mass was discovered which turned out to be cancer. I never dreamed in a million years that I would get cancer. I am 42 yrs. old. Hopefully you do not have cancer, but your pains sound similar to mine, and I would definitely have more tests. Look up a good OB/GYN Oncologist. Good luck. Linda
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    Please go for a check-up and ask for an ultrasound, this is the only way to detect ovarian cancer and/or a CA-125. Don't wait. I waited because my gyn told me I had menopause which are all the same symptoms of ovarian cancer. Finally my internist found out I had ovarian because I got so much bloating, they then rushed me into surgery with only five percent chance of living. So please get a check-up as early as you can. It's better to know and deal with something then to wait. God bless you.