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I am just starting arimidex. I am not experiencing much joint pain but am wondering what I might do to protect my bone health. Is glucosamine/chondroitin a good option?


  • Kathy1108
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    I was on Arimidex for one year, the joint pain did not start right away. My doctor put me on Fermara because I could not take the joint problems I was having. I had a very hard time to get in and out of the car, from the couch and sitting on the floor. I still have the joint problems but they are not as bad now. I too take glucosamine/chondroitin that does help somewhat. I still have not found anything that truly takes away all the joint problems. I always wear copper & magnetic bracelets and one ring, they really help me. I hope that you don't get any of the joint pain.

  • SusanAnne
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    Hi Elaine. I've been on Arimidex for about 7 months now. For me I have much less joint pain than I had when on Tamoxifen. I do take the G&C and find it very helpful. It takes a few weeks to kick in so be patient. I'm not sure if you've had chemo but if you did I hope you have had a bone density test (different than bone scan). Do you take calcium?

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    I have been on arimidex for 2 years and there is joint pain. The best advice I got was to make myself use the joints...even if it hurt a lot. Walking and swinging the arms..anything to keep up mobility. Afte a while I noticed the stiffness wasnot as bad through the pain still comes and goes. Another nice treat for yourself is a gentle warm scented bath..does wonders for the mind and body...Do follow the doctor's recommendation about how much weight you can lift or not overdo. Good luck. Drug seems to be working for many of us inspite of its sideeffects so its a tradeoff. Good luck
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    I've been on Arimidex for 8 months and do have joint pain, mostly in my hands. I take glucosamine, but was on it before bc for carpal tunnel and some foot problems, so don't know if the hand pain would be worse without it. The glucosamine is to help the joints, not the bone density. Getting plenty of calcium through diet and/or supplements should help with that, and if your bone density test shows low density your Dr can put you on meds to help. My density was very good before Arimidex, so I'm not on anything for that presently, but haven't had it checked again yet since I've been on the Arimidex to see if it's dropping. Plan to ask about that at my next checkup!

    Good luck and God bless, Di