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My mother in law (80) has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. The stage & type have not yet been determined. The doctor said it started in her kidneys. They've told her all they can do is make her comfortable. My question is about the metastatic path lung cancer usually takes. Is there such general path, going to the brain next? Is it called lung cancer if it starts in the kidneys or is that kidney cancer that's metasticised to the lungs? What's the progression for kidney cancer that's gone to the lungs? What are the symptoms to look for regarding that progression? Any input is appreciated. Thanks.


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    This is only an opinion I’m just a guy who got lung cancer and am searching for information as well.
    As for a predictable path, I don’t think there is one. As for where it goes most often that is fairly predictable, Statistically, not individually. I often read and see folks whos mets go to the liver, the adrenals, the brain, spine, hips and in general bone and of course it often spreads to the lymph area just outside the lung. For the most part those in the later stages obviously have mets and I wouldn’t want to suggest where those mets most often are. I am stage IV and I had, had bone mets. They have since healed, healed, and there is no indication of metastasis in any of the predictable areas.
    All cancers have a primary origin, and I think that they all can metastasize to all areas, I think. If the doctor said the cancer started in her kidney then I don’t think it is LC. Although I think that it just becomes a word game of sorts. Except that a primary in the kidneys with a metastasis to the Lung would most likely have different treatments than a primary in the lung that has metastasized to the kidney.
    Finding info on cancer is unbelievably complicated, it is not simply cancer.
    Good luck in you fight and keep looking for information
    Age 53 smoked for 17 years, quit 18 years ago
    4/7/ 04 DX stage IV NSCLC
    3.7 cm right lung.
    Met, TM. left humorous, right hip,- right orbital?
    4/28/04 start chemo,
    Carboplatin, Gemzar, Zometa\
    6/3/04 Off pain pills, all pain left
    84/04 New scans show stage IV is not holding up very well, things are lookin good. Bone mets have left and new bone has grew in place.
    11/1/04, new scan. Primary increased to 4.5cm, and new subcarinal node problem, bone mets are too scared to get back in the fight
    Starting Taxol
    1/18/05, new scan. Slight overall shrinkage. No evidence of Mediastinal Lymphadenopathy as shown in earlier scans, annnnd nothing new.