mom with ovarian cancer

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Hello, my mom has been battling with ovarian/fallopian tube cancer for about 2 years. Her cancer is so aggresive, that its not responding to chemo. We saw the doctor today, and she has about 6 months to a year life expectancy. What do I need to be doing for her, my family, etc.


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    Hi, I am so sorry that you are going through this now. I just lost my mom to ovarian cancer 2 month ago, At the end she was in so much pain and was in comma for 7 days, what you can do for your mom is that you should be with her and tell her no matter what to not be afraid and that you will take care of the family. like you I have sisters and a brother and also my dad, talk to her and ask her what are the things she would like you to do and talk to her openly and really find out what she wants, I regret that very much. Don't worry it will get easy as days go by and besides she might live longer it is all in god's hands. No matter what you do at this point prioritize your mom and do everything as she asks and keep telling her that you love her and you are proud of her.