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Hey there gang,
Well the news is in and was basically confirmed......Malignant! God is it just me or do you get tired of hearing that damn word! Anyway, my oncologist says its incurable but we're going to try treatment to keep it from spreading. So me, being me ask if it's incurable what exactly are we treating? He tells me we're hoping to maintain to extend my life but the ultimate decision is up to me! OK.......Now I'm lost since the incurable and sustaining your life comments and wondering of all things how to explain this to my children. Yes they are grown men of the ages 22,19 and 18 but still. However we did talk and I'm going to give this first round a shot and then in 2 months when we CT scan and check for results of the chemo we'll go from there. I seriously think I've lost my mind today! If anyone should see one running around......PLEASE email me and send it back! Everyone please say an extra prayer for me, and I will all of you as well! You all rock!!!!!


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    Your message was really sad and I am sorry to hear that you have been given this news. My husband is 28 and recently finished his treatment for colon cancer (after operation) and his prognosis is good so I cant say that we know how you feel. But I always believe that where there is life there must be hope. And after reading some of the incredible stories of recovery on this site I really believe that. I think you are doing the right thing for opting for more treatment. Take care and I will say a prayer for you and your family. R
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    I also don't know what you are going through, but I know it has to be really tough for you right now. But I guess you just have to keep up the fight. This is a terrible disease that sometimes just don't stop. I will say a prayer for you that the chemo helps and that you tolerate it without too many side affects. Good luck with your treatments.
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    Remember, they told Lance Armstrong that his chances were slim..........well, he didn't give up and I am so glad you are not giving up either. I'm on my second round of chemo after a recurrance - it is not pleasant but there is always hope and I believe your attitude and faith must remain high (as difficult as it seems at times) We are all here for you and will help keep you going. Please feel free to email me personally if you want to chat. But stay the fight - doctors don't know for sure how much time any of us has - that is God's job. You are in my prayers.

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    Dear Griff,

    I'm sorry they are saying the word incurable but you have to ignore them!!! I know you are sad and scared now (I was too) but I'll try to ease some anxiety. They told me palliative as well (multiple lung metastases) over 18 months ago. Well, I was just about ready to pack my bags and head over to the palliative unit so I could wait to die. I wasn't too excited about this prospect because I don't imagine there are too many other young adults at the unit and I could just imagine them making me do art projects. If my days are numbered, I did not relish the idea of sitting around making stick men and houses out of macaroni (I'm not really down on palliative units, I think they are great and necessary:) However, if they make me do art... I don't know...). Anyways, I figured that cancer wouldn't kill me, I would probably slit my wrists with safety scissors or eat paste or something crazy like that. ANYWAYS, none of this has come to fruition. I am living my life, finished my Bachelor's, applied to graduate school, going to Florida for spring break, went clubbing with my girlfriends this week-end, you get the picture. What I'm saying is there is HOPE, HOPE, HOPE. What does palliation mean? They are going to extend our lives. For how long? Maybe 10, 20, 80 years. I figure if they can't cure me, it's okay. Just keep me around with treatment! I could do chemo into my eighties, as long as I'm alive, life is good:) I have to go to class now (midterm time), but hang in there. THIS IS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE!

    I'll be thinking and praying for you during this difficult time. Everyday will get a little easier. Breathe in, breathe out. Be well and keep us posted!

    Lots of love,
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    Griff, I am so sorry to hear your bad news. We know exactly what you're going through. My husband, who just turned 43 last week, was just told there is nothing more they can do for him. His cancer has spread to the peritoneal cavity. We have not met with his oncologist yet about more chemo to maybe extend life, but we are looking into that option.

    Our children are 8 and 4. We have not discussed any of this with them, nor are we looking forward to doing so.

    Please remember there are people who have beaten the odds. What Kerry said is correct, Lance Armstrong is a survivor. If you have not read his book, please is very inspirational!

    You and your family are in our prayers. If you need someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to email me.

    Linda (Baltimore)
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    Hi Griff,

    I talk a lot. I just wanted to add, how do they know you are "incurable"? They haven't even started treatment! You could do 2 rounds and go into remission for the next 50 years! Sheesh. As for your boys, hug them tight, tell them it's serious (all cancer is serious) but you and your doctors are going to fight because you want to be around for grand-children. Question your docs about ALL available treatment, radiofrequency ablation, avastin, erbitux, FOLFIRI, FOLFOX, everything! Treat yourself to an outing with good friends, good food and good wine. You deserve it!

    Andrea, who is VOLUNTEERING in a palliative unit and is far from being a patient!
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    Hi Griff,

    I'm here for you, too. Thanks so much for letting us know what's going on.

    I'm writing to send you hope and courage. Extending your life also means extending into a time when other measures may be available. Meanwhile, we'll do our best to back you up and keep you going. My heart is with you.
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    Hi Griff, Sorry to hear your news, but I hope you are listening to Andrea, who is our poster girl for subduing this beast. I think your inc should be clearer about listing options and not just offerring bad news. On the other hand, "keeping it from spreading" may mean good years. My sister in law has breast Ca with mets to the bone, is on "maintainence" chemo for 3 years, and was skiing in Utah last week. Don't tell her there is no cure! Hang in there and keep us posted. Judy
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    Hello Griff:
    As I posted to Ron- "hope makes a path for the miracle to follow"- my wish for you is to walk softly, play happily, dream sweetly, love deeply and know that all our prayers are with you.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your bad news. Stay positive, things may turn out better than you expect. I wish you the best. I'm sending positive energy your way!
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    Griff, I'm sorry for the news you've received. I also hate that word. I found out recently that my cancer had spread to my lungs. My onc told ne i would never be completely free of disease, but never led me to believe that i had no options for treatment nor that i could not achieve NED (i love those words). I think your plan is good. Go for the treatment. See how you respond to that. If that doesn't work (but i'm praying it does), go on to the next option. Hang in there!
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    Griff -

    How discouraging to read aout the status of your disease. I really hate several words; including malignant, incurable, etc.

    You are a very brave person for facin the dragin head-on uch as you are. I really admire you. Personally I don't put a lot of stock into diagnosis that include phrases like "maintain/extend life". I'm more of a cure kind of guy. I would tend to look at your situation more like an opportunity. An opportunity to avail yourself to some experimental drugs that may well cure you and at the same time blaze a train fo other cancer patients to follow in your path and be cured.

    God won't lead us into anything we can't handle together with him. Everything for a reason, Griff.

    Hang tough. Keep that fighter's attitude and go get 'em. We're always here for you.

    - Bob
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    Hey griff,

    I am very sorry about your news. :-(

    You definitely will be in my prayers.

    And will you do something for me? Will you please please read A Cancer Battle Plan by Anne Frahm?? Please?

    She was given a "life sentence" and went on to beat her cancer with diet change and juicing and supplements and things. Please give it a thought.

    There is a ton of info out there.

    Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Balch and Balch is a good one too.

    Hang in there.

    peace, emily who also recommends Questioning Chemo by Dr. Ralph Moss