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Hiall, I want to explain myself a little better about the reason for taking a break from this site. It is not because any of my dear friends here. I am always open to new alternative treatments. I want to hear about anything that will stop this cancer. But.....when someone who has never evn talked to me before suggests that, in her words, "It is always one thing after another with you", then I figure if I'm being a bother to her, that I may be a bother to all of you. I am not leaving because I am tired of this site or you, but because I feel this site is tired of me. And...also, she suggested that I may need to work on my mental aspect of this and to be positive, I have tried to post positive things in my replies to you. I know my updates have been bad most of the time. I don't want to bring anyone down, so that is why I no longer wanted to post. If anyone wants to write to me, my email is That way I won't be posting negative to this site. And last of all, if I have hurt anyone or brought anyone down, please accept my sincere apologies. I love you all and felt this site was a wealth of information and I will miss you. Everyone please hang in there and trust in God. He will see you through, He has a plan for each of us. Again, I love ya. "sob" Byebye
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)


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    Hi Judy,
    I hesitate to post my opinion out here, because I believe one of the important things about this site is that we all try to be supportive or at least accepting of everyone's point of view.
    I have not been as regular lately on this board, but after reading the last threads and responses you posted, I want to offer you my support for continuing to use the board if you think it will be helpful. Having read Susan's response to your question to Emily, I can understand why you would feel hurt. As a nurse, I can tell you that if all it took to survive is positive thinking, than no one would EVER chose to die from any of the illnesses we face. It is just not that simple. And feeling discouraged in the face of difficult circumstances IS a rational response. With all the unrealistic pressure to always "be positive", some of us need this board to share our discouragement and sadness. That is part of all of our lives in some form or another. I hope that we can all continue to be open and supportive, or at least keep those potentially hurtful comments to ourselves if we disagree with another's point of view.
    Continue to do what you need to do to take good care of yourself. You remain in my thoughts and prayers. the other Judy
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    Hey Grams, you'd better read my e-mail or I'm coming there to get you. :)

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    Hi Grandma (Judy) Please think it over. I love to read the boards, and I have learned so much from sooo many of us in here. There is an Angel looking over me & Us I believe that! But please don't stay away, you have so much to offer & all,but God bless & I will E-mail you at your personal site to see how you are Or at least say Howdy! Man Cancer sucks, heart attacks sucks, any Medical stuff sucks, but.....?
    Love Amy
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    Hi Judy,

    I'm sorry that even after the supportive postings in resonse to your last e-mail, from those of us who have gotten a lot from our interactions with you, that you still feel you need to leave in order to avoid being a bother or bring anyone down. I don't feel you've been a bother. I don't feel that any one of us should worry about being "too down". This is a CANCER site, not Comedy Central!

    But anyway, if that's your decision, it's yours to make. I will miss you.