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I am a 7 year survivor of ductal carcinoma. In january this year I had the same breast swell,become very red and inflammed. It has always been tender since radiation treatments but it was really really sore. I saw a breast specialist had a mammogram and ultrasound which were both negative. However, I am aware that IBC is not often detected with mammograms or ultrasounds. The redness has subsided however the swelling and soreness are still present. The
specialist did not seem alarmed he did however say that he would do a biopsy if it would relieve my anxiety. Since he put it that way, I felt he was saying I was being alarmed over nothing. I asked him if it was not IBC then what was it? I had not had any of these symptoms since my treatments in 1998. He said he could not tell me what it was and made up some name like "breastatitis". This made me very uncomfortable. Does anyone have any advise or suggestions or information that may help me decide about having a biopsy? I still feel concerned and my husband is quite upset.


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    I finished radiation in Dec of 2002. All was fine for two weeks then my breast turned a bright red and swelled huge and hurt. No infection was present, IBC was ruled out, never considered by the breast center. The skin became dimpled and pitted. Finally they decided I had lymphedema of the breast. It is no longer red, still pitted looking, hurts and swells off and on. No one has had a answer for any of it. I do take a group of herbs from my ND Dr and the swelling goes down they made the lymph system drain but nothing last for long. Could this be what is wrong with you? Linda