Update on My Mom

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Hello everyone! No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth but I have been remiss about posting lately. I do read posts as often as I can, but a number of things have occurred recently besides just having a hectic and busy life that has prevented me from getting on line as much as I would like.

Enough of the lame excuses, although they are real...even though you may not hear from me as often as I would like for you to hear from me, know that every day each and every one of you remains in my prayers and my prayers continue to be for a cure for this damn disease.

That being said, I just wanted you all to know that the results of mom’s latest scans were mixed. The nodule that appeared in December in her left lung, a new one, is indeed cancer which the Pet confirmed. So we have a new outbreak. But on the upside, it hasn’t grown any since December. Onc is waiting an additional two months to repeat scans and if there is growth, treatment program will be put into place. Mom remains asymptomatic and in good spirits, especially when the onc told her that there are still numerous options available to her. We’re all keeping our eyes on the road ahead and trying to jump the hurdles as they come…not always easy to do, but get’s more accustomed to as time goes by. No word yet on Bert’s scans…latest was his CEA was down to 2.5 and I’ll keep you all posted.

Hugs to all,


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    Hi Monika, the news about your mum sounds quite encouraging and the most important thing is that she is asymptomatic and hopeful.

    Bert's CEA is good and I hope his scan comes back with nothing on it!

    My husband too had good results...his CT scan showed the spots on the liver that were there last time but which the PET showed to be just cysts. His CEA is good too....2.9. Isn't it wonderful to have our beloved men doing so well on this Valentine' s Day? We are blessed and, like you, I try to live in the here and now and enjoy each day.....jumping the hurdles only when they are right in front of me!
    Love, Ali
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    Monika, your mom is lucky to have your warm support. Thanks for posting and good luck to her.
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    Hi Monika,
    Hang in there. You are all in my thoughts. Judy