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See what I did for y'all? I wrote and irate letter to the editor of my local rag after seeing an article about the Domestic Diva on parole.

Dear Sir,
I am mad as heck! Reading a story in the Life section about Martha Stewart's comeback made me wonder about the state of this country. Her pal and frequent prison visitor Mark Burnett, the ringleader of reality TV, is punishing this woman by his offer of a new "Apprentice" style show. NBC is giving the green light to this project starring a convicted felon still incarcerated for her part in the Imclone scandal. It will no doubt soar in the ratings due to the short-term memory loss of the viewing public.
March is colon cancer awareness month. As a survivor of the third most common form of cancer and the second deadliest, I am offended by the unrivalled greed of all the players in this venal enterprise. Imclone's failure to secure FDA approval for its chemotherapy drug Erbitux, due to sloppy testing and inaccurate data, precipitated the stock sell-off that ended in the indictments of the president and his cronies. The company settled the shareholders' class action suit for $75 million last month.
The FDA finally approved Erbitux last year. This drug has proved useful in combination with older protocols for the management of metastatic disease. My own treatment at Duke Medical Center, completed before the addition of these drugs to the arsenal, met with success. I have been NED (no evidence of disease) for over two years. There is no cure.
How many people less fortunate than I have suffered and died for lack of effective therapy due to the two and a half year delay in bringing Erbitux to market? Media hype surrounding this drug in its initial bid for approval pushed greedy manufacturers into an early release. The same exaggerated promotion envelops the venal, unrepentant Ms. Stewart and her resurrection as talk show host and media mogul.
For my part I shall be boycotting All Things Martha for the rest of my life; however long that may be. What will you be doing?

Aspaysia had to climb on her soapbox to get some fresh air.


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    Hey Asp,
    You go girl, and thanks for pointing out to the public that once again the common good is not what often drives a drug company's agenda.
    Hoping for spring, Judy
    (by the way, my neighbor's crocus tips are visible right next to her foundation...her house's foundation, that is!)