Watch Oprah Winfrey Today ! ! !

Lisa Rose
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Hi Everyone,

Be sure and watch the Oprah Winfrey Show today. Her special guests are Lance Armstrong and his girlfriend Sheryl Crow. Remember Lance fought a stage 4 testicular cancer and won his battle....



  • littlejulie
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    I already told my mother to tune in :)
  • slammer
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    Hi Lisa-rose, this is Amy. Sorry I missed her show, but maybe it'll be on in a re-run. but as a matter of fact I went out today & bought his book that I heard so many of you talk about in here:"IT's not about the bike" Can't wait to start it this weekend!
    I've read up on your history Lisa & I admire you, and think you are sweet & strong, I feel the same. Talk to you soon, please e-mail me o.k. Thank Amy, akaSlammer
  • kerry
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    Hi Lisa Rose,

    I did watch Lance on the Oprah show. He is truly marvelous and such an inspiration in his fight against cancer. He proves it can be done, so we can't give up.

    I wish they would also give Kristen Armstrong her due praise also, rather than Sheryl Crow. I am a personal friend of Kristen and I know how involved she was and still is in fighting cancer. She was very instrumental in getting the Lance Armstrong Foundation up and running and did a lot of their PR work. Lance lended his name. She is due lots of praise.

    It was a good show, but a key ingredient was left out.