True friend needs our thoughts and prayers

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Hello - I am Grace and a very good friend of a lady who used to frequent this site regularly. Her name is Maria Lacava or AKA Maryinwind. She lives in Italy. She just hit her five year mark and her cancer is back. She has a large metastatic tumor on her cervical spine. She is currently undergoing radiation, then surgery and possibly chemo again. She is 47 and very young and heart. If any of you know Marie and would like to send a ecard or email, please feel free to send them to me as her email is full. I will save them for her to read when she leaves the hospital. This is a woman who has helped so many on this site, including me. Please keep Marie in your prayers. Thanks - Grace


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    How heart rending, to reach the 5 year mark, and have the cancer metastasize. I am so sorry.
    Yes, many prayers are with Maria.
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    Yes, true friends need our thoughts and prayers. I am a seven year survivor of breast cancer. I had stage III with the slash, poison and burn treatment. That is my name for surgery, chemo, and radiation. I am a nurse on a cardiac step down unit. I have seen a lot of suffering and death. I had not been at my place of employment but six months when I was diagnosed. I worked all the way through my treatments. I could not take FMLA as I had not been there a year. The only times I missed work was after my chemo when my white counts were too low to be there as I was too suseptible to infection. I took neupogen shots to increase my white counts and was right back to work. It was very difficult; but it was all that I could do as our family finances would not allow me to be off from work. Your friend in Italy will be on my mind and in My prayers. God has a plan for all of us. He gave me a reprieve for a reason; but should he call today I will be ready to go. We are pioneers in this disease still. There is much to be learned and someday it will not take the lives it takes today. Be strong in your faith and pray for God's will to be done. We do not lose the battle; we are always
    a victor as he holds our souls in his hands. Jesus already won this battle for us. With all my
    hope,love and prayers. Pegann