I don'tunderstand?????Sorry so long.

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Hi all, Hope you all are doing well. I went to the surgeon today and he acted like a totally different person than he usually is. He checked the tumor and said that it has shrunk some, but the chemo doctor said earlier that it hadsn't. So who do I believe??? He also did not want to do the CT scan. He said I had soft tissure swelling and if the cancer spread or it it hasn't, I still need to keep up the chemo as scheduled. We also told him that the chemo doctor wanted him to call while I was there and he said, I will have the nurse call later. It's like he is saying everything the opposite of the chemo doctor and he didnt want to call, because he didn't want to get into any conflict. He also said he doesnt want to do surgery on me yet. He said to just make sure that I have plenty of pain and nausea meds. I don't know what to think. He acts like he knows more than he's telling me. Which do I believe, a chemo doctor that deals only with cancer or a surgeon(who Ive always trusted completely) that does all types of surgery??? Im really confused right now. Well, on to chemo tomorrow. No delay there. Pray that I won't have side effects like last time. Also, my husband and I are wanting to go away for about 4 or 5 days after my doctor's appts Mon and Tues. I'm going to talk to the chemo doctor about this tomorrow. Also, pray he gives the go ahead. Also, my husband is pretty sure he has a job. We'll probably know more next week, so we're wanting to do something together before he starts working. Also, we're going to try and find someone to take me to appts and to stay with me while he's gone, in case I get sick. That's the only way he won't worry. Sorry so long. Just a lot going on, Please pray,pray,pray.
Love and prayers, Judy


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    Sorry you are feeling confused...I have felt the same, my doctor says the lesions on my liver have only grown a tiny bit, then I read the CT results in my file myself and it says there are two new lesions each measuring 3x4cm...Whats that? I dont know, I just keep telling myself I'm getting better and do everything I can thats good for me and like it or not, whats going to happen is going to happen.

    Good Luck with you chemo, you will be in my thoughts..

    I think it would be really good for you and the husband to get away, provided you feel up to it...personally, its all so draining, I often just need a break and a change of environment.
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    Hi Judy,

    Yes, this sounds confusing. I keep hearing about a "team approach" to medical care, which involves different doctors coming together to discuss and analyze what's going on, but I haven't found this to be happening in my health care either. Last fall my oncologist and my GI doc disagreed about how to proceed and it made me crazy.

    Why did the surgeon advise against the CT scan, I wonder?

    I hope your chemo goes more easily tomorrow than last time. Remember to take your zofran right on schedule! And good luck getting away, if you're up to it.

    I'm thinking of you...
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    Judy, it all sounds very confusing. Have you had a second opinion at a major cancer center. I think of you often and will keep you in my prayers.
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    I agree with Moe, please get yourself to a major cancer center and get a comprehensive 2nd opinion. You will not regret it even if they tell you you are on the right course already. It will give you peace of mind no matter what the result. I was traveling 5 hours one way to go to Dana Farber and I do not regret it. I am disturbed to hear how anxious you are feeling. A trusted MD can alleviate those feelings right away.
    I am glad to hear that your DH has a good job prospect! That has to be great news for the family! Good luck with everything. I hope you get to do something fun for a few days. I will be praying for you both.
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    I heartily agree with the advice to seek second opinion at a major cancer center. It is SO important to have a medical team working TOGETHER with you. I couldn't be more pleased with my surgeon, gastroenterologist, and oncologist - all are on the same page and very supportive. They speak to me frankly and are SO helpful. It will do wonders for your peace of mind!
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    Hi Judy, So sorry also to hear of all the b.S confusion, I agree with the others, A 2nd opinion. I did it because i didn't like the oncologist I had the first time, just didn't seem as concern as I was, and like you say jumping from one explaination To another. I Didn't even get e referral, just pick-up the phone called the cancer center and they took me. I was pleased when i walked in the door, & my new oncologist, (after I expressed all my worries) said "You're at the cancer center now" We will take care of you, Find out the closest to you & call! It may mean a huge difference, but do keep the chemo, I think, Head & Heart up sweet lady and stay strong, My prayers are with you God Bless.......Amy