Soy products and breast cancer

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Does anyone know if soy products pose a risk to women with breast cancer? I have heard that the phytoestrogens in soy may stimulate tumor growth, but I've also read that soy has some protective effects against cancer in general. Any oppinions about/experience with this?


  • sassysally
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    NO SOY NO SOY NO SOY!!!! If breast cancer er postive...........NO SOY!!!
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    NO SOY NO SOY NO SOY!!!! If breast cancer er postive...........NO SOY!!!

    I'd like to have some backup on this. Any articles or anything in writing? it is so controversial right now. Have you looked at items in the grocery store that have soy in the ingredients - quite a few out there. Thanks,
  • DiO
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    Hi Holly!

    I too have read both pros and cons in different places, and it seems there just isn't enough conclusive evidence either way to know for sure. For myself I don't ever take any extra soy, or eat large amounts of soy products, but I also don't worry about small amounts that may be in the normal things I eat. I guess I am a "middle of the road" sort of person! What's good for you today can be the worst possible thing tomorrow. Everyone has to decide for themselves what they are and aren't willing to do.

    Good luck and God Bless, Di
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    I don't think anyone has the answer on the soy issues and breast cancer. I take tamoxifen and I eat soy at least three times a week. I do not eat red meat or chicken nor will I touch a drop of milk. All of these foods are loaded with artifical hormones unless you are rich enough to buy organic or free ranage and can find a store who sells them. Older women who eat red meat and dairy have a 40 percent higher risk of death from heart dieases. I wish all my life I would of been a vegan and not used dairy. When I asked my onoc about soy she said everything in moderation, not sure what that meant but I consider soy to be as safe as red meat or more so. I really don't think there have been any controlled studies. Linda
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    My oncologist told me to eat soy foods in moderation -- i.e., soy milk, some tofu, edamame, etc. but NOT to use soy supplements. As a phytoestrogen, soy can potentially be a weak source of stimulation to ER+ tumors/cells, but the balancing factor is that eating soy foods can be a good way to reduce fat intake, and fatty tissue also produces estrogen.

    So I am trying to include some soy foods a few times a week, but avoiding soy supplements or powders or anything of that sort.
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    My oncologist said for me NO NO NO SOY. I am er+..I check the labels and when out to eat, restaurants are very helpful. Will steam your food and help pick out what you can eat..
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    My onc also said No Soy. I put rice milk on my cereal-- the vanilla flavor isn't half bad. It should be really chilled to be best. I've cut way back on meat and dairy too. Good luck!