More bad news!!!

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Hi all, Hope everyone is doing good. I went to chemo doctor today because of all the problems I'm having since starting chemo and he thinks these new problems are cancer related, not chemo related. After examining me, and find some very painful spots on my stomach and the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and very bad stomach cramps that bend me over, also fever. He thinks that the cancer may already have spread. He wants me to have an emergency CT scan, so his office called my surgeon's office and they got me an apptwith the surgeon for tomorrow.I don't know when he'll get the CT scheduled for. I know the chemo doctor wants it done ASAP. He said to have the surgeon call him tomorrow and even if he is with a patient, he will talk to him. It scares me when they move this fast. I know it's good, but when my chemo doctor starts worrying, it worrys me. Wish me luck. He said he may have to delay the chemo I am supposed to have this week, but he doesn't want to. Please say a little prayer for me. Love ya guys.
Love and prayers always, Judy(grandma047)