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My mother has been recently diagnosed with Osophegous and secondary lung cancer. She has undergone radiation and chemo and is doing well. As my father died of liver cancer 7 months ago I read alot about cancer and much of my reading showed that anti oxidants were very useful in assisting the body recover from chemo.

However her specialist has told her not to atke them because they also aid the cancer cells to grow back. Has anyone else used anti oxidants and have they been beneficial? Thanks. Monique


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    I have heard talk of chemo not reacting favorably with “antioxidants“. Yet I have not found anything in mainstream that says “across the board they are harmful. There is cause for concern when taking supplements as some can definitely be harmful. Try this site for specific information.
    FYI, antioxidants come from many sources other than supplements, many different fruits and such. I have been on chemo for 9 months and take no antioxidant supplements yet eat a variety of fruits and vegetables as my diet staple. My chemo has been a breeze, and in part, I attribute that to eating those fruits and vegetables that have large amount of antioxidants.
    I do believe that antioxidant in food form is helpful and not harmful for health while undergoing chemo, although many believe that supplements provide the same benefits and can do harm.
    Age 53 smoked for 17 years, quit 18 years ago
    4/7/ 04 DX stage IV NSCLC
    3.7 cm right lung.
    Met, TM. left humorous, right hip,- right orbital?
    4/28/04 start chemo,
    Carboplatin, Gemzar, Zometa\
    6/3/04 Off pain pills, all pain left
    84/04 New scans show stage IV is not holding up very well, things are lookin good. Bone mets have left and new bone has grew in place.
    11/1/04, new scan. Primary increased to 4.5cm, and new subcarinal node problem, bone mets are too scared to get back in the fight
    Starting Taxol
    1/18/05, new scan. Slight overall shrinkage. No evidence of Mediastinal Lymphadenopathy as shown in earlier scans, annnnd nothing new.