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You may remember that I was going over to my father's for his first round of chemo several weeks ago. Well, he has had two treatments now, leucovorin,irinotecan and 5FU, with Zomfar for nausea and acyclovir to keep the shingles at bay. The first round he had an initial reaction so he now get atropine automatically. The following day a few hours of diarhea and that's it. He has terrible fatigue though. This treatment, a small bout of diarhea and then the fatigue. He says that if the fatigue is the worst of it, he'll gladly accept it. For me, to have been away so much (5days each time) has been hard- like the couch I sleep on, but it is encouraging to know that other than the pic line and portable chemo bottle, you would never know he is sick. His spirits are good, all his bloodwork (other than CEA) is normal. What really helped today though, was reading all the encouragement sent to Griff. Because my father was given 6-12 months, told it was terminal, we just accepted that. The chemo is for palliative purposes to keep the number of tumors down. As I read though, I am reminded that no one knows. Lots of people are given small percentages, and go much longer than expected with a good quality of life. So thanks to all of you for sharing. With each other, with me, stories and suggestions. It is sooooo helpful, and a good reality check too.


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    hi colsie,
    glad to hear you and dad in good spirits. hoping everything goes well and it will. keep us in the loop, we are here 24/7.
    all the best
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    Colsie, glad we could help boost your spirits. Doctors just don't know. Even with a 5% chance of living - if you are one of the 5% - you are 100% alive and well. Read Lance Armstongs book - his statistics were GRIM!!!!!!!!!! And he went onto such great things.

    Your dad sounds very strong.. and you obviously love him very much. It doesn't take anything more than that. Simply live each moment and appreciate all that you have.

    Hope for the best - the only way to go. My stats are pretty grim, but I live my life as though I am cured, because it is the only way to live. Sad reality of cancer. I choose not to let it get me down.

    Take care, jana
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    Please give my regards to your father. I'm 37 years old am and battling colon cancer that spread to my lymph nodes and liver and struggle on a daily basis with the reality of having cancer.

    All you can do is keep on fighting and hope for the best...try and enjoy everyday, sometimes this can be difficult, but it could always be worse...better to be at home than in the hospital...

    The fatigue hit me early on, like clockwork, around 7:30pm, I would feel like I was getting ready to check out and an hour later I would be okay...

    Please keep us informed, often times I find myself in situations and the folks on this board are really good about giving me their experiences and always have words of encourgement.

    God Bless