metastic breast cancer

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Is there anyone out there with metastic breast cancer? My breast cancer spread to my bones, overies and most likely my lungs. I am currently taking only Arimidex. I would love to hear from anyone in a similiar situation or anyone who knows someone with advanced breast cancer.


  • hummingbyrd
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    Hi there! Yep, been there done...doing that!
    Diagnosed June 2000 had AC/taxol and radiation then Aug 2001 had bone mets to arm and low back. Those were rad and stabilized till Nov 2003; arm rad again, broke, still broken. Back broke Oct 2004 doesn't bother me as much as the arm! Was on herceptin and zometa for 3 years, quit it May 2004. Nov 2004 started back on chemo taxotere/carboplatinin/herceptin and zometa. Still take it every week x's 3 then off a week.
    This stuff can be beaten or at least held in check, for how long? Who knows. I do know it's been a combo of above, plus diet, vitamins, water and my faith in God (particularly my faith) that has kept me here.
    Hang in there! There is hope! (((HUGS)))
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    Yes, I have metastic breast cancer to my bones, and skin, and possible marrow involvement. I'm surprised you are only taking Arimidex. Arimidex is an estrogen inhibitor. Were you taking Tamoxifen before -- if so -- one would assume that more chemo is in order. Have they done a PET scan yet?
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    I too have mets to the bones...mostly lumbar spine and left hip. Treated with radition, aromasin, and now navelbine and herceptin. Whereas my tumor markers had been trending up they are now in a normal range. I have stage IV breast ca, bilateral mastectomy Nov '03, ER/PR + and her2neu+++.
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    My Mom's breast cancer has gone to her bone marrow. She has had 4 rounds of taxol with a week off in between- 3 on one off. Today she had a bone marrow test and we are waiting results. This has been an 11 yr battle. Now, however, we know it's not curable but it is controllable. I get so worried when she talks of bone pain. Does the taxol cause pain? Depression is also an issue for her. She has trouble swallowing her medication. Is this common? I'm looking forward to hearing from people with similar experiences.