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Try to say that three times when you've had a couple of chocolate martinis!

Chek out the latest pics from Colon-Palooza on my personal page (the tame ones that is... Don't want Jose to shut us down!) For the more wild shots from Colon-Palooza, go to:


You can download pictures or order the video for two easy payments of $19.95 or the DVD for two easy payments of just $24.95. All discreetly billed to your credit card.

Well, gotta run, Lisa2 (scouty) has been winning at the casino all day so dinner's on her. We'll eat lunch on the mighty DECISIVE tomorow (which has been rocking and rolling a bit at the pier in this nasty weather) - which means lunch tomorrow will be on the floor!

More shots after tonights debauchery! Yeah... you KNOW you wish you were here!


- SpongeBob


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    OK, enough of this..wheres the REAL pictures.. Bud
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    hey sponger,
    are the lisas' going to flash their scars for beads tonight and are you going to be out in your thong. go to and they have cams set up to cover mardi gras. have a great time and enjoy.
    all the best